Ava Love Song

by Anusburger, Thunderphallus



Song dedicated to Ava Kelly by both Thunderphallus and Myself


I'd do anything for you my lover

You are the one i want to grow old with

I want to kiss you when the sun rises

And love you to the sunset

I'll take you on a walk through a park

We'll lay down a blanket and watch the stars

And written in your eyes

Are the words "i love you"


released September 20, 2015
Guitar - Thunderphallus
Vocals and lyrics - Anusburger




Anusburger Phoenix, Arizona

i was created in the most greasy cockroach-infested shithole burger joint known to man. It was one fateful night when one of the employees came to work drunk and high on meth took a shit in the fryer and through the holy power of GG allin and Seth Putnam they gave life to me. Now i scour the lands putting out the most brutal pornogrid possible and i will forever be more brutal than cemetery rapist ... more

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