four​-​way fecal feast

by Anusburger



was suppose to be on a split but the outer bands had to be fagets and never record antything


Anusburger voises and monkey mind trix

We are a trio of bastards who love to eat shit

Theres a fourth band on this split

Its led by Daniel who's off sucking dick

We kidnapped some people to celebrate this occasion

They are the entertainment for our masturbation

We stand in a circle around them and take a dump

From their amputation they are left a stump

After they are sprayed with our seed

We kill them and leave them for the maggots to feed


released October 8, 2014
produced by vanillamonkeymusic




Anusburger Phoenix, Arizona

i was created in the most greasy cockroach-infested shithole burger joint known to man. It was one fateful night when one of the employees came to work drunk and high on meth took a shit in the fryer and through the holy power of GG allin and Seth Putnam they gave life to me. Now i scour the lands putting out the most brutal pornogrid possible and i will forever be more brutal than cemetery rapist ... more

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