surf nazis (misirlou cover)

by Anusburger



everybody know that anusburger is the king of pornogrind but now he ventures into parts unknown!! who would of thought that he can dish out kick ass surf rock along side the usual grinds?


gurgle gurgle gurgle


released October 18, 2014
produced by vanilla monkey original song written and recorded by dick dale




Anusburger Phoenix, Arizona

i was created in the most greasy cockroach-infested shithole burger joint known to man. It was one fateful night when one of the employees came to work drunk and high on meth took a shit in the fryer and through the holy power of GG allin and Seth Putnam they gave life to me. Now i scour the lands putting out the most brutal pornogrid possible and i will forever be more brutal than cemetery rapist ... more

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